Menu Card - English

Pub „AT the BARN“ Kuks


Soups according to daily offer                                                                   35,-

 Ready and fried meals:

150g Beef goulash, dumplings                                                                   99,-

150g Sirloin in cream sauce, dumplings, cranberries                               139,-

150g Moravian sparrow, dumplings, braised cabbage                              129,-

150g Moravian sparrow, potato dumplings, braised spinach                    129,-

250g Roasted duck leg, dumplings and potato dumplings, cabbage        149,-

150g Spice pieces of pork with fresh vegetable, rice                                119,-

300g Spaghetti Bolognese with cheese                                                     119,-

150g Fried pork cutlets, boiled potatoes, gherkin                                     129,-

150g Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gherkin                                        129,-

150g Fried mushrooms, potatoes, Tartar sauce                                        119,-

120g Fried cheese, French fries, Tartar sauce                                          119,-

100g Fried Camembert, boiled potatoes, Tartar sauce                             119,-



  Our specialties:

350g Homemade potato pancake filled with mixture of pork

        and fresh vegetable, little vegetable salad                                                      129,-

150g Grilled salmon fillet, boiled potatoes, little vegetable salad, dressing            149,-

400g Vegetable salad with grilled chicken meat, dressing, toasted white bread     139,-

400g Vegetable salad with grilled salmon, dressing, toasted white bread               139,-

400g Vegetable salad with Camembert and cranberries, dressing, white bread      129,-


250g Cabbage salad with carrots                                                                            39,-

250g Mixed salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and lettuce                         39,-

  And in the end a sweet  top:

2pc. Fruit dumplings with butter and sprinkled with gingerbread                          59,-

1pc.Homemade apple strudel with whipped cream                                                49,-

      and  chocolate topping  

Sundae /soft ice cream, chocolate topping/                                                           49,-

Sundae /soft ice cream, whipped cream, fresh strawberries, topping/                    59,-



Prices are listed including the 21% VAT.

List of allergens contained in the single meals are

at the staff available.

We wish you a nice seating and enjoy your meal in the pub “AT THE BARN“ Kuks.